Living away from home involves many new responsibilities, including keeping your dormitory safe from fire and other things that may harm you, your neighbors, and visitors. Below are some guidelines to ensure a safe environment while living in SAIC residence halls. For more information, please review the Residence Hall Polices set forth in the Residence Hall Guide of the SAIC Student Handbook located on the Current Students Dashboard.




Candles are prohibited in the residence halls unless the wick has been completely cut or the candle has never been burned.



Evacuation Drills

Smoke Alarms and Fire Alarms

Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation Procedures for Individuals with Disabilities

Residents with permanent disabilities that would inhibit them from using the stairs during an emergency evacuation should register with the Disability and Learning resource Center (DLRC), which will inform Residence Life Staff and Campus Security. Residents who have temporary disabilities that would prevent them from using the stairs during emergency evacuations should notify Residence Life staff. These residents should abide by the evacuation plan outlined in the Residence Hall Guide of the SAIC Student Handbook.


Smoking cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, burning candles, lighting incense, or any other fire code violation is prohibited in any residence hall room.