SAIC Internships

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SAIC students can participate in the largest and most successful arts-related internship program in the country.

SAIC Internships connect our students with organizations and companies in Chicago, throughout the US, and internationally. Over 500 opportunities are available in a variety of disciplines unique to students’ career paths. Many internship alumni secure employment or professional opportunities as a result of their participation in a SAIC Internship.

Ready to find an Internship?

SAIC students have two options. Both options are for course credit and provide students an opportunity to extend their education beyond the classroom and gain experience in professional arts-related environments.

#1 Prof Prac 3900

Internship as Professional Experience Class: This class is open to juniors and seniors. Students work 150-180 hours per semester and earn three credits. They attend a weekly two-hour evening class where students will learn how to conduct job research, build interview skills, how to network with professionals, and prepare a plan for life after SAIC and more.

#2 Traditional Internship

Students work 210 hours to earn three credits per semester and are assigned a Faculty Advisor who will offer career advice and is responsible for awarding course credit. There are four main components of the Traditional Internship: initial seminar, individual midterm meeting, a site visit, and a final seminar.

Both options satisfy studio and/or off-campus credit. The Prof Prac 3900 class also satisfies the Professional Practice requirement.

There are three compensation types for internships: 1) Non-Paid, 2) Employer paid, and 3) Federal Work Study (FWS) (if employer is a not-for-profit org and meets a 25% matching requirement). FWS hourly rates are set by SAIC, $11.00 for UG’s and $11.50 for GR’s and students will be authorized through the SAIC student payroll system with a CAPX advisor.

NOTE: Keep in mind F-1 International students cannot work off-campus unless they are earning course credit through one of our Internship options and processed a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. Visit International Affairs and/or Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) website for more details.

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