With more than 70 student groups and organizations and a full schedule of events, there are many ways to participate in the SAIC community.

From schoolwide events such as the Lunar New Year Celebration to film screenings, yoga and dance classes, philosophy discussions, professional organization meetings, and art critiques, there will be little time for boredom. 

Benefits of being involved in a student group at SAIC include:

Student groups allow you to share your passions and interests beyond the classroom. At SAIC there are community service groups, professional groups, spiritual and faith-based groups, discussion groups, exhibition and art-related groups, and many more. All of these groups help to create common space for students to explore what it means to be a person and a student at SAIC.

Joining a Student Group

Student groups are open to all SAIC students. To learn more about student groups and how to join, go to engage.saic.edu or visit the Campus Life Office in the LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, room 201.

Starting a Student Group

To start an officially recognized student group, you will need at least two student leaders and an SAIC faculty or staff advisor. Then you can complete the student group registration process, available at engage.saic.edu. For more information, or to discuss your student group registration, stop by Campus Life in the LeRoy Neiman Center, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, room 201.

Student Group Examples

Below are examples of previously registered student groups, but new student groups are registering all the time. You can read more about the activities of all currently registered groups by visiting Engage SAIC

American Institute of Architecture Students (@SAIC)

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is a national nonprofit organization that promotes excellence and appreciation for architecture. AIAS @SAIC is a student-run affiliated organization that encourages interaction between members and professionals in the architecture field.

Art Therapy Association

The Art Therapy Association programs monthly events—including public lectures, symposia, and art exhibitions—in order to acquire further knowledge in art, social action, and the expressive therapies.

Black at SAIC

Black at SAIC (BaSAIC) supports the interests and dialogue between students, faculty, and staff of African descent at the SAIC. This group also provides a forum for members to establish connections and further discourse and collaboration between members.

Chinese Artist Association

The Chinese Artist Association facilitates cultural events for Chinese students and the SAIC community. The group's goal is to build a community where members can network, establish connections, and celebrate holidays together.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) facilitates cultural events for Chinese students and the SAIC community. The group’s goal is to serve Chinese students and build a community where members can develop leadership, establish connections, and participate in various evernts inside and outside the school. Also, as a third party, we can assist Chinese students in contacting the school or Consulate General in an emergency.

Good Ol’ Futbol

Good Ol' Futbol provides an athletic outlet for students in the form of weekly soccer games. These games are played in outdoor public parks weather permitting and in indoor soccer fields during winter months.

Humanitarian Group

The Humanitarian Group volunteers at organizations to help those in need through one-day actions or services. Sites considered, among others, are the American Cancer Society, the Children's Hospital, soup kitchens, and North Shore Senior Center. 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

The mission of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is to build a strong fellowship and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through weekly meetings and outreach programs.

Japan at SAIC

Japan at SAIC (JSAIC) is group that engages in events and activities about Japanese art and culture. These events also include fundraising for disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Korean Graduate Student Community

Korean Graduate Student Community (KGSC) provides a platform of support, networking, and cultural exchange for Korean graduate students with the SAIC community.

Korean Student Association

The Korean Student Association at SAIC strives to bring the Korean community together by facilitating events that entertain, educate, and involve the SAIC community.

Latin Dance Club

The Latin Dance Club meets for weekly dance classes that explore diverse dance of a variety of Latin cultures. The group provides the SAIC community with professional lessons for an affordable cost.

Mental Health Support Group (MHSG)

MHSG is a peer-led support group for SAIC students affected by mental health issues. It is meant to be a safe space where students can come to share (or not) their experiences in a mutually supportive environment without fear of judgment or stigma.

National Art Education Association, SAIC Student Chapter

The National Art Education Association (NAEA) SAIC Student Chapter supports a community of students, artists, and educators who value visual culture, cultural difference, democracy, and social justice through art education and professional development leadership.

Parlor Room

Parlor Room is a visiting artist program and lecture series curated by the graduate Photography program.

The Performance Exchange

The Performance Exchange is a group of Performance students looking to expand on their work outside of the classroom. The group organizes off-campus shows and events as well as holds peer critiques and social events like film screenings.


The Platypus Affiliated Society organizes reading groups, public forums, research, and journalism focused on problems and tasks inherited from the "old" (1920–70) and postpolitical (1980–90) left for the possibilities of emancipatory politics today.

Residence Hall Exhibitions

Residence Hall Exhibitions (RHE) exists to nurture the relationships students have with other students, artists, professors, their own artwork, and the artwork of others, both on campus and in the Chicago artist community. The group's organic evolving gallery space helps students in their artistic and professional growth.


The SAIC student chapter of AIGA frequently hosts events related to graphic design and provides updates on happenings around the greater Chicago area on its Facebook page and Twitter. SAIC AIGA helps students become more involved in the local design community, create a community of their own on campus, and build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world.

SAIC Hillel

SAIC Hillel facilitates a platform for Jewish life by organizing holiday celebrations and curating art exhibitions. Activities invite the SAIC community to learn more about Jewish culture and heritage by exploring history and investigating traditions.

SAIC Historic Preservation Organization

The Historic Preservation Organization is committed to connecting the Historic Preservation program's students with students from other departments as well as alumni to initiate a greater presence in the community at large. Through events, lectures, tours, and other events, the group hopes to establish a greater awareness for the preservation of our built environment.

SAIC Improv Group

We are group centered around the practice of sketch and improv comedy.

SAIC Print League

The SAIC Print League supports the work of SAIC graduate and undergraduate printmakers with opportunities to share knowledge, techniques, and ideas. It also strives to unite the SAIC print community with the printmaking network of Chicago by facilitating their participation in printmaking taking place within the city and beyond.


A student lead group meant to focus on the individual and their stories, struggles, and successes pertaining to the queer spectrum.

Student Environmental Action

Student Environmental Action (SEA) is a network of artists dedicated to sustainability and environmental justice at SAIC and in the city through education, support, and action.

Student Museum Coalition

The Student Museum Coalition is a student group dedicated to serving as a voice for students working to strengthen the relationship between SAIC and the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) and is one link in the newly revitalized chain of communication between them. As a liaison between the institutions, we are exploring opportunities for research projects, programming, events, and experiences at AIC specifically for SAIC students.


Vitrified is a ceramics-based group whose mission is to develop an understanding of the contemporary ceramic world and increase awareness about SAIC's ceramic program. This will be accomplished through weekly discussions, group exhibitions, fundraisers, and activities involving the use of ceramics.

Xerox Candy Bar

Xerox Candy Bar is a comic-zine which displays student comic work. Self-published and released twice a semester, it accepts all submissions.

Yoga Group

The mission of the Yoga Group is to provide an inexpensive yoga class on campus to the SAlC community to instill healthy mind-and-body lifestyle choices and to balance the stress during the semester. The Yoga Group hires a yoga teacher who comes to the school to teach weekly lessons of an hour and a half duration. The group is open to the entire SAlC community, with or without yoga experience, and props are provided. Though the group encourages you come back every week, on-and-off participation is possible and welcome.