Students enrolled in Adult Continuing Education certificate programs are expected to attend all classes at the scheduled time, arrive prepared, and successfully complete all assignments for the course to count toward program requirements.

Students who withdraw from a course must do so in writing. Nonattendance does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Enrollment Verification and Letter of Successful Completion/Student Evaluation

The Registration Statement serves as Enrollment Verification [PDF] for the courses listed.

SAIC records the courses for which a student registers on the permanent record. SAIC adheres to a credit/no credit grading system, as does Adult Continuing Education (ACE) in Continuing Studies (CS). The instructor may use this form to verify successful completion and give a written evaluation of student performance.

ACE courses are not offered for credit and are indicated by the grading basis AUD, or Audit, on the Registration Statement. Students enrolled in noncredit (Audit) courses at SAIC are required to attend all class sessions, successfully complete all coursework, and pay the tuition amount indicated on the Statement of Account.

If a student requires verification of successful completion of a course in lieu of credit or grade for purposes of reimbursement or any other reason, the student may request a Letter of Successful Completion/Student Evaluation [PDF], which will be completed by the instructor at the end of the course. The instructor may also use this form to give a written evaluation of student performance. The Letter of Successful Completion/Student Evaluation is for student use only and will not be documented on the permanent record.

Leave of Absence

Candidates unable to enroll in courses for two or more consecutive semesters must apply for a formal leave of absence, valid for one year, by completing a Leave of Absence Form. Completed forms must be filed with Continuing Studies.

If written notice is not on file, Continuing Studies will classify a student not enrolled in courses for two or more consecutive semesters as inactive. Students classified as inactive for more than one year are subject to curriculum requirements at the time of re-enrollment, rather than as stated at the time candidacy was originally declared. Upon re-entry to the program, students must reapply and pay the nonrefundable application fee of $75.

Download the Certificate Program Leave of Absence Form [PDF]


Permission to substitute certificate program requirements with other SAIC courses (Continuing Studies, degree program, Ox-Bow) is granted on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be submitted in writing to the Adult Continuing Education Department.


Transcript requests can be made online, in person, and by mail or fax. Full details are available online.

Transfer Courses

Students may transfer no more than two SAIC courses (Continuing Studies, degree program, or Ox-Bow) completed within the past three years into any certificate program. Students wishing to apply transfer courses must get approval by the Adult Continuing Education department at the time of application and before starting any of the certificate programs.

Note: Students in Drawing, Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, and Painting must complete a minimum of 10 courses in Continuing Studies at SAIC after declaring candidacy; students in Web Design must complete a minimum of eight.

Policies are subject to change.