New Course Proposal


SAIC approves dozens of new courses each year, ensuring the education we offer is always relevant, contemporary, and responsive to the context of the world around us.

The New Course Proposal (NCP) process is designed to support faculty in implementing ambitious pedagogical initiatives while ensuring that each course taught at SAIC (a) is effectively integrated within the relevant curriculum, and (b) clearly communicates its core components and expectations to the target student audience. The NCP process involves faculty, their department Chair, and a review committee. Relevant staff and other institutional resources are included as needed.

Deadline for Proposal Submissions

It is important that new course proposals be reviewed and approved prior to the completion of the academic schedule for the academic year in which the course will first run.

The deadline for digitally submitting any new course proposals for the next academic year’s schedule is November 1 of the preceding academic year. Proposals should be submitted as filled PDFs, via email: