About Our Dean of Faculty


Office of the Dean of Faculty

Sharp Building, 37 S. Wabash Ave., Suite 821

Jefferson Pinder*, Interim Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Arnold Kemp, Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor of Painting and Drawing
Dwayne Moser, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies: dmoser@saic.edu
Despina Papadeas, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chair of Faculty: dpapadeas@saic.edu

Dawn Gavin, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies: dgavin@saic.edu
Paul Jackson, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies: pjackson2@saic.edu
Nia Easley, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies: neasley@saic.edu

Gretchen Talbot, Dean of Administration, Budget, and Planning: gtalbot@saic.edu
Molly Scranton, Associate Director of Faculty Affairs: mscranton@saic.edu
Isabel Garcia-Gonzales, Associate Director, Faculty Employment Resources: igarciagonzales@saic.edu
Geof Teague, Associate Director, Faculty Employment Resources: gteague@saic.edu
Duangdow Arjsiri, Administrative Assistant, Faculty Employment Resources: darjsiri@saic.edu

Beth Wright, Chair of Faculty, Associate Professor of Liberal Arts: ewright@saic.edu
Raja El Halwani, Faculty Liaison, Professor of Liberal Arts: rhalwa@saic.edu

SAIC is pleased to welcome 13 new full-time faculty

Department and Program Heads
Academic Year 2018–19

Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects
Jonathan Solomon, Associate Professor and Director: jdsolomon@saic.edu


Hennie Reynders, Associate Professor: hreynders@saic.edu

Interior Architecture

Thomas Kong, Associate Professor: tkong@saic.edu

Designed Objects

Tim Parsons, Associate Professor: tparsons@saic.edu

Art Education
Olivia Gude, Professor: ogude@saic.edu

Art History, Theory, and Criticism
Nora Taylor, Professor: ntaylor1@saic.edu

Art and Technology Studies
Eduardo Kac, Professor: ekac@saic.edu

Art Therapy
Cathy Moon, Professor: cmoon@saic.edu

Arts Administration and Policy
Rachel Weiss, Professor: rweiss@saic.edu 

Kitty Ross, Professor: kross@saic.edu

Contemporary Practices
Amy Vogel, Associate Professor and Interim Director: avogel@saic.edu

Fashion Design
Katrin Schnabl, Associate Professor: kschna@saic.edu

Fiber and Material Studies
Diana Guerrero-Maciá, Professor: dguerrero@saic.edu

Film, Video, New Media, and Animation
Frederic Moffet, Associate Professor: fmoffet@saic.edu

Historic Preservation
Anne Sullivan, Associate Professor: asullivan@saic.edu

Liberal Arts
Adam Mack, Associate Professor: amack1@saic.edu

Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts
David Getsy, Professor and Interim Director: dgetsy@saic.edu

New Arts Journalism
Dushko Petrovich, Assistant Professor: dpetrovich@saic.edu

Painting and Drawing
Jose Rodriguez Lerma, Associate Professor: jlermarodriguez@saic.edu

Robin Deacon, Associate Professor: rdeacon@saic.edu

Oliver Sann, Associate Professor: osann@saic.edu

Post-Baccalaureate and Professional Certificates
Susan Kraut, Adjunct Professor: skraut@saic.edu

Ayanah Moor, Associate Professor: amoor@saic.edu

Dan Price, Associate Professor: mprice2@saic.edu

Nic Collins, Professor: ncollins@saic.edu

Visual Communications Design
John Bowers, Professor: jbowers@saic.edu

Visual and Critical Studies
Karen Morris, Associate Professor: kmorris@saic.edu

Sally Alatalo, Professor: salatalo@saic.edu


*Beginning June 1, 2019