What's Your Story

Tuesday, October 25, 5:00 p.m.

Lakeview Building, 10th Floor
116 S Michigan Ave

United States
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Articulating your story—where you come from, what has shaped you, who has motivated you, and how you see yourself—is key to the kind self-discovery that fuels your artmaking. In telling a vibrant story, you’re inviting others to take part in your world and notice what matters to you. But because telling our stories can make us feel exposed or inauthentic, we often generalize and remain vague to veil the vulnerable details and protect ourselves. 

Join the Writing Center and John M. Flaxman Library for an hour-long workshop, where we’ll provide generative activities and prompts to help you uncover surprising insights and shape the story you tell others. Our hope is that you’ll walk away with a revived and empowered sense of what you want to share in a way that feels more fully representative. This is above all an exploratory exercise, but these discoveries will also be invaluable in creative writing as well as preparing application materials, artist statements, and project proposals. We’ll also have a pop-up library featuring books to help spark inspiration or provide guidance beyond this workshop.

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Persons with disabilities requesting accommodations should visit saic.edu/access.