Piotr “Style” Wyrzykowski

The Art of Club
Thursday, March 29, 6:00 a.m.
United States

This lecture series explores the intersection of sound and the visual arts. Since the 1960s, artists and musicians have collaborated in live performances, giving rise to aspects of early video and sound art, as well as significantly impacting the disciplines of sculpture, fashion, poetry, prose, and performance. Today, the widespread use of technologies has enabled an expansion of this tradition from the art museum into popular culture (dance halls, clubs, etc.). Through an investigation of the historical antecedents and present day manifestations, this series demonstrates the intimate relationship between two seemingly disparate worlds.

Wyrzykowski will stage a demonstration of his mixed-media extravaganza with his collaborator Mackiek Sienkiewicz as part of SAIC’s participation in the Chicago Cultural Center’s “In Between: Art from Poland 1945-2000.”