The Department of Computer Resources and Information Technologies (CRIT) provides technology and training resources to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) community and ensures that students, faculty, and staff have ready access to technology relevant to their fields of study, art practice, and professional duties. CRIT supports the entire life cycle of computer technology on campus, including: planning and budgeting; application development; end-user training; hardware maintenance; software distribution; end-user support; and inventory acquisition, distribution, and recycling.

CRIT's centralized structure allows the department to serve as a school-wide resource for both equipment and support. This arrangement is unique among post-secondary educational IT departments, and helps facilitate SAIC's distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum by enabling students to move seamlessly between different academic departments and areas of study. CRIT's integration of resources also provides a support structure that is adaptable and extensible, allowing the department to quickly accommodate SAIC's continually evolving technological needs.

CRIT consists of the following areas: