Samson Young (Hong Kong)

Sound Department Colloquium Series
Wednesday, September 26, 4:15 p.m.

MacLean Room 1307

112 S. Michigan Ave.

United States


The presentation on September 26 will feature with visiting artist Samson Young (Hong Kong).

At the heart of the work of Samson Young (Hong Kong) are multicultural paradigms woven into a symphony of image and sound. With formal cross-cultural training in music composition, Young transforms his attention to melody by pushing formalist boundaries to create innovative cross-media experiences that touch upon recurring topics of identity, war and literature. Behind each project is an extensive process of research, involving a mapping of the endeavor through a series of drawings, recordings or software constructions. This Music is False 

Presented in partnership with the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at SAIC.

Persons with disabilities who may need assistance should contact Jennifer Lee in advance (

Samsun Young (Hong Kong) Epost
Samson Young (Hong Kong)