SAIC Disability Justice Training Series By LaVant Consulting

SERIES DESCRIPTION: Disability justice is a framework that builds upon itself. To fully appreciate its transformative power, we have to first understand language, power, oppression, and our history. This 3-part workshop series will allow participants to thoroughly understand disability justice as an emerging movement with the potential to be revolutionary.

Part I: Understanding Language and Power 

DESCRIPTION: Understanding the power mechanisms behind language and oppression are essential to understanding a disability justice framework. Part I of the Disability Justice workshop series provides a foundation for understanding disability as a social justice issue by exploring access needs, language, and the many insidious forms of ableism and the ways they tie into other forms of oppression.

Disability Justice Training Part I

Part II: Our History: Where We Come From, How We Got Here, Where We’re Going 

DESCRIPTION: Disabled people have existed forever. Part II of the Disability Justice workshop series explores common models of understanding disability and analyzes how oppressive historical movements have impacted the legacy of the disability community leading up to the disability rights movement. The workshop will also outline the struggle of passing disability-centered legislation in the US, the role of the Independent Living movement in building local disability communities, and the concept of disability pride.

Disability Justice Training Part II

Part III: Disability Justice In Theory and Practice 

DESCRIPTION: Disability justice transcends beyond the disability community. Part III of the Disability Justice workshop series will scrutinize the missing elements from the disability rights movement, dig into the ten principles of disability justice, and analyze case studies of contemporary disability justice-centered organizations and projects, providing insight into what disability justice looks like in practice, both within and apart from the disability community itself.