Rachael Shelton

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Born in St. Louis and raised in Cherokee Nation Oklahoma, Rachael moved to Chicago in 2006 and fell in love with this vibrant city. Residing in Rogers Park she has flourished in a community filled with local artists and joins them for annual bench painting in Toby Prinz park. She works on and off canvas, using acrylics, recycled brown paper and does emotional comics with a focus on re-parenting herself as an adult. She worked as a Docent on the Chicago river architecture tours for six years and is married to an art teacher who works for after school programs for Chicago teens.  She has always enjoyed creating and building which lead her to Chicago Women in Trades Technical Opportunities Program, where she recently graduated, but her heart tells her always "never be far from art". She is embarking on a new journey of art handling and proprietor work to display the art and artists that this world class city has to offer.