Patrick Dean Hubbell

Painting and Drawing

Patrick Dean Hubbell is Dine' (Navajo). I am To'ahani'(Near to Water Clan), Born for Dibe'lizhini (Black Sheep), My Maternal Grandfather is Kinyaa'aanii (Towering House People), and my Paternal Grandfather is Hona'ghaahnii (One Who Walks Around Clan). He is originally from the Navajo Nation in the Southwest United States. My work is an investigation of my Indigenous identity as it pertains to my position in contemporary society. I am drawn to the questioning of themes in this examination and find inspiration in various themes rooted in Indigenous methodologies, traditional and cultural processes of creating and use them as a foundation for my creative exploration. I am equally interested in the abstract qualities of expression as well as representational imagery. Using culturally traditional stories, philosophies, and abstract representations of nature, time, and place, I am able to depict the existence, perseverance, and the future of my Indigenous identity. My work includes a multidisciplinary approach, combined with the integration of various elements of design, installation, paintings on traditional two dimensional surfaces as well as the use of painting substrate with sculptural elements. These facets of my practice allow me to create my own aesthetic which reflects the personal experience of memory, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual instances from life and Indigenous cultural presence.



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