Onyx Appleberry

Onyx Appleberry Headshot Sketch



"All my boys is sunday boys" -Toni Morrison, Sula

Onyx Appleberry is a 22 year old Sunday boy from the southside of Chicago. They are a guitarist, writer, builder, and human. Their art explores ancestry and afro-futurism, Revenge, Queerness, sadness and death. They also work as a crewman and craftsman for hit television series, such as: The Chi, 61st ST., Ripple Effects, and more. Onyx is a proud member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 476. As a musician and guitarist, home is where the blues is. They have performed and presented in venues such as the Metro, the Logan Center, The Martin, The Museum of Contemporary Art, in front of Their bedroom mirror, and most formatively, grandma’s kitchen.