Jessica Bardsley (Artist-Scholar, MAVCS 2012)

Visual and Critical Studies
Jessica Bardsley Headshot



Describe your path since graduating from SAIC, and what you're doing today.

While at SAIC I did a dual MA/MFA. After graduating from SAIC I pursued a PhD in Film and Visual Studies at Harvard University. During this time, I continued making films and producing art in other media.


Describe how VCS has impacted where you are today.

VCS created a space for me to explore what it might mean to be a scholar, but from the perspective of an artist. This is an approach I have continued to carry with me. I approach everything I do as an artist, and I have found that this brings a unique perspective and set of resources to otherwise traditional disciplines and methodologies. 


Describe what VCS students might expect from the program.

They should expect to invent their own ways of thinking and working.


What do you wish you had known when you were still in VCS?

Not all art needs to be justified with recourse to traditional modes of research and theory. Art itself can produce ideas and can compel original modes of investigation. 


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