IN>TIME Performance Festival Runs through March 2

Chicago, IL—Chicago's coldest months are warming up with the energy of performance art. The city of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) host the IN>TIME performance art festival, featuring both international and local artists exhibiting in 14 diverse venues across the city. Organized by SAIC faculty member and Graduate Coordinator Mark Jeffery, the festival will showcase outstanding performance work from January 11–March 2, 2013.

This biennial performance series formerly existed as a one-night event at the Chicago Cultural Center. Since that time, the exhibition has expanded into its current, extended showcase. Venues range in size and scope; from MCA Chicago and the Chicago Cultural Center, to the Red Rover Series and Threewalls gallery. These venues have collaborated with Jeffery to curate and exhibit performance art, video screenings, lectures, and symposia that investigate intersections of body, text, object, sound, and technology.

IN>TIME will present Chicago and SAIC as a place for cutting-edge, global performance incubation and exhibition series. "It is important to present the fact that Chicago is a known destination for performance, and that SAIC is really the hub for that," says Jeffery. "The mission is to expose new and returning audiences to the diverse perspectives of performance art through a variety of media and venues."

Venues include: Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center, Links Hall, Chicago Dance Center, Sullivan Galleries, Threewalls, 6018 North, Hyde Park Art Center, Logan Center for the Arts, Block Museum, Red Rover Series, Defibrillator, Insight Arts, and Roosevelt University.

Participant highlights include Miguel Gutierrez (Brooklyn, NY), La Ribot (Switzerland), Zoe I Juniper (Seattle, WA), Kira O'Reilly (United Kingdom), and Every House Has A Door (Chicago, IL).

IN>TIME Performance Festival
January 11–March 2, 2013
Locations and times vary.
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About IN>TIME:
IN>TIME is a biennial performance series of new, emerging, and established work by local, national, and international artists presented in Chicago. IN>TIMEfeatures practitioners working with the medium of time and the body, crossingmultiple intersections where the performing body meets text, object, sound,visual art, technology, and itself.

About Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez, the Brooklyn-based dance artist, makes his Chicago debut with a new work inspired by the elusive logic of dance improvisation, studies of human consciousness, and the 19th-century spiritualist movement. He is joined on stage by an all-star cast of six distinctive artists who have been brought together by Gutierrez to form an artistically and physically diverse ensemble: Michelle Boulé, Hilary Clark, Luke George, K.J. Holmes, and Ishmael Houston-Jones.

About La Ribot
Born in Spain and based in Switzerland, La Ribot is known for her unique performance art involving laughter, action, and the spectator. La Ribot's work demonstrates how the terms "performance" and "exhibition" signify the difference between dance and fine art, and have now, in fact, merged into "performative" art.

About Zoe I Juniper
Husband and wife duo Zoe Scofield (choreographer) and Juniper Shuey (sculptor, photographer, and visual/media artist) began their artistic collaboration in 2004 in Seattle. Their latest full-evening work, A Crack in Everything, uses the Greek tragedy The Oresteia as a lens to understand the emotional spectrum between the justice we crave and the blood lust of revenge.

About Kira O'Reilly
Kira O'Reilly is a UK-based artist. Her practice, both willfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, stems from a visual art background. It employs performance, biotechnical practices, and writing with which to consider speculative reconfigurations around the body.

About Every House Has a Door
After a 20-year collaboration as cofounders of Goat Island, Chicago–based Lin Hixson and Matthew Goulish have formed this team to create project-specific collaborative performances with invited guests. This company seeks to retain Goat Island's narrow thematic focus and rigorous presentation, but to broaden the canvas to include careful intercultural collaboration, and its unfamiliar, even awkward, spectrum. The group recently was awarded a $32,500 grant by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund.

About the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
A leader in educating artists, designers, and scholars since 1866, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) offers nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees and post-baccalaureate programs to nearly 3,200 students from around the globe. SAIC also enables adults, high school students, middle school students, and children to flourish in a variety of courses, workshops, certificate programs, and camps through its Continuing Studies program. Located in the heart of Chicago, SAIC has an educational philosophy built upon an interdisciplinary approach to art and design, giving students unparalleled opportunities to develop their creative and critical abilities, while working with renowned faculty who include many of the leading practitioners in their fields. SAIC's resources include the Art Institute of Chicago and its new Modern Wing; numerous special collections and programming venues provide students with exceptional exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and performances. For more information, please visit

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La Ribot, Laughing Hole. Photo by Lucy Cash

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