Search Committee

The SAIC Presidential Search Committee includes representatives from the Board of Governors, Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, and student body. The committee is charged with advising the Board of Governors who will then make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on a candidate to become the next president. 

Presidential Search Committee:  

Claire Ashley (MFA 1995)
Professor, Adjunct, Painting and Drawing and Contemporary Practices

Anita Blanchard
Board of Trustees

Tanvi Dev
Graduate Student

Felice Dublon
Vice President and Dean, Student Affairs

Sarah N. Garvey
Board of Trustees and Board of Governors

Jay Frederick Krehbiel
Board of Trustees and Board of Governors

Camille Martin-Thomsen
Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Cary D. McMillan
Board of Trustees and Board of Governors

Alisia “Ali” Medina (BFA 2024)
Undergraduate Student

Samuel M. Mencoff
Board of Trustees

Cherilyn Murer
Board of Governors

Jefferson Pinder
Professor, Sculpture

Charles T. Price
Board of Governors

Courtney Rowe
Vice President, Advancement

Anita Sinha
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Board of Trustees and Chair, Board of Governors

Anne Sullivan
Associate Professor, Historic Preservation; Chair, Faculty Senate

Joseph R. Trpik, Jr
Board of Governors

David J. Vitale
Board of Trustees and Board of Governors

Kenneth W. Warren
Board of Governors