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Our educational philosophy is unprecedented in that it is interdisciplinary, giving students unparalleled opportunities to develop their creative and critical abilities, while working with world-renowned faculty. the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has a level of rigor, investigation, and cultural relevance that is truly special. Our students translate the most complex ideas into tangible forms, whether they are paintings, sculptures, films, performances, books, installations, inventions, buildings, community projects, or a combination of these.

Students at SAIC do not learn in isolation. Our environment is one of peers, composed of engaged students and an award-winning faculty of artists, scholars, and leading practitioners working closely together, sharing exceptional resources, and establishing a forum for the vigorous exchange of ideas. At SAIC, we stress critique as a means of tracking our students’ progress. It is integral in the experience here and quite intense. Students who are challenged in this manner are able to grow artistically, verbally, and professionally as they learn how to articulate and defend their ideas to their instructors, advisors, and peers. 

Above all, SAIC is about the students. We are dedicated to providing a complete education in the liberal arts as well as arts and design that will serve our students now and throughout their multifaceted careers.

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