Opportunity for SAIC Master Students, Class of 2020

Opportunity for SAIC Master Students, Class of 2020

All Graduating SAIC Master Students, Class of 2020 are invited to participate in an online opportunity to showcase their practices as citizen artists, designers, and scholars living and working today. The site launch is planned for mid-to-late summer. Details about the launch and all related programming are forthcoming.

Deadline to submit Monday June 22, 2020 at 10:00AM.  

Submission Information and Instructions

Individual Page Submission Form

Website Template Examples


View the full invitation and call for participation here 

View the summary of specifications for content submissions here

View the guidelines for uploading content to the PDF viewer ISSUU here

View the guidelines for uploading GIFs to the site via Giphy here

SAIC Exhibitions Department staff will facilitate participation in this online opportunity and questions can be directed to exhibitions-saic@saic.edu

Writings and Readings for Being Responsive to the Current Moment

Some SAIC faculty have been responding to the current circumstances in writing that the committee has found particularly poignant and timely. We are sharing these texts here, along with others that are being collected, in the hope that you may find encouragement, inspiration, and/or a sense of camaraderie. Please revisit this web page from time to time as more texts may be added.

 "The heightened impossibilization of performance”.pdf
(from faculty member Matthew Goulish’s
recent writing for the Every house has a door newsletter)

 “Art Abides in the Present”.pdf
(from faculty member Gregg Bordowitz’s recent message to Low Res MFA Students)

 "The Creative Process”.pdf
(By James Baldwin from Creative America, Ridge Press, 1962.)


Online Resources for Documenting your Work
SAIC Recommendations for Artwork Documentation at Home​
Indiana State University Galleries, Tips for Taking Photographs of Artwork from Home
Photograph Your Artwork, Prepared by Clare Britt