SAIC Faculty Member Shawn Decker Shows at Dubuque Museum of Art

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Shawn Decker uses recycled electronics to reveal the “gradual ebb and flow of a natural environment.”
Publication Date: 
April 27, 2016

Like many other members of SAIC's illustrious faculty, the Sound Program's Shawn Decker engages his internationally renowned talents with local ideas and images. He recently installed Soundscapes at the Dubuque Museum of Art, giving the piece a second life after its run at the Chicago Cultural Center. With the musueum, the work celebrates the prairie and Mississippi River communities.

As the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald writes, Decker's piece is "comprised of hundreds of thin metal rods, each attached to a speaker and designed to respond to visitors’ movements." For more information about Decker's work, visit his website.