Alum Cass Davis Exhibits at Aspect/Ratio Projects

Cass Davis, "Revival II," 2016, woven jacquard cloth. Courtesy of Aspect/Ratio Projects
Publication Date: 
November 6, 2020

Cass Davis (BFA 2009, MFA 2017) was recently honored with a solo exhibition at Aspect/Ratio. Curated by Pia Singh (MA 2017), Out of Time is a record of queerness and belonging in the American Midwest, centered around Davis's history of growin up withing Evangelical Christianity. In Art Forum, KT Hawbaker (MA 2017) wrote of the exhibition, "As in any truly terrifying story, trauma is the real apparition here. The ghosts of Davis’s sordid evangelical childhood suffuse the gallery, as do the failures of the American dream."