Huffington Post Features SAIC Alum Saya Woolfalk

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A photo of Woolfalk’s installation at the Seattle Art Museum accompanies the article

Earlier in June, SAIC alum Saya Woolfalk (MFA 2004) sat down with the Huffington Post for a Q&A. Woolfalk discusses her art, which grapples with themes of race, cultural boundaries, and hybridity.

Woolfalk’s work is currently on display in an installation at the Seattle Art Museum called ChimaTEK: Virtual Chimeric Space. According to the Huffington Post, Woolfalk’s futuristic installation “features the ‘Empathics,’ women whose absorption of culture results in a genetic transformation into a hybrid being—part human, part plant. They are porous and ultimately demonstrate acceptance and a need to evolve.”

Woolfalk was born in Japan and is based in New York City. “Her own experience points to her elevated understanding of what it means to be a global citizen,” the article notes. “She utilizes sculpture, paintings, digital video, ethereal music, and performance art to design a world and experience for that global citizen.”

The full Q&A, complete with photos and video, can be read on the Huffington Post.