David Getsy Curates Compelling Portrait of Stephen Varble

Photo courtesy of the "New York Times"
Publication Date: 
January 14, 2019

Professor David Getsy has been applauded by Holland Cotter of the New York Times for curating Rubbish and Dreams: The Genderqueer Performance Art of Stephen Varble at Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in Manhattan. An artist forgotten by the art world, Getsy was sure to locate Stephen Varble alongside his “radical contemporaries” in the field: such as Scott Burton, Adrian Piper, and Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, reports the New York Times. Protest fueled Varble’s work—the more famous he became, the more poignant and anti-capitalist and -materialist his message was. Although precious few relics remain of Varble’s costumes, Getsy made the show, “a model of how to reconstruct and revivify a performing career through archival matter.”

To see photographs of the show and read more on Getsy’s work on Stephen Varble’s art and life, read the New York Times piece online.