Greg Mowery Sheds Light on Rogers Park

Image of Greg Mowery courtesy of WTTW
Greg Mowery bends glass at SAIC’s Light Lab. Image courtesy of WTTW
Publication Date: 
April 16, 2019

Adjunct Associate Professor in Art and Technology Studies Greg Mowery was featured on WTTW's Chicago Tonight about his course Neon Techniques and his plans to open up a neon art co-op in Rogers Park. "I've been teaching this forever and I get the question forever, 'Where can I go do this?' and the answer is there isn't any places you can go do this. How long can I keep doing that before saying, 'OK, I'll start?" Mowery said. The Chicago Neon Community Co-op plans to open a space along with Neon Design in the summer of 2020.