The Hallway

Sullivan Center (33 S. State Street), 12th Floor

Open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visitors, please check in at the 12th Floor Security desk with a valid ID

The Hallway is an exhibition space for sharing the work of students, alumni, and faculty in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects. It is also a space for sharing contemporary work from practices in the city and the world with the design community at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At the center of the life of the Department, exhibitions in The Hallway are frequently integrated into teaching in the department's courses. Gallery programs include class visits and gallery talks with exhibiting architects, designers, and artists.

Current Exhibition


Positioned as a commercial brand, whatnot has been a progressive educational platform focused on creative inquiry matched to iteration, systems of production, and the nuances of the marketplace. This exhibition gathers an eclectic mix of whatnots from the past seven years. 

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Past Exhibitions

Objects and Spaces for Angels and Machines

April 8-April 28, 2019: Objects and Spaces for Angels and Machines is a studio seminar on contemporary issues by Matylda Krzykowski. This exercise offers space for experiment and gives an insight into how to place individual practices. The challenge is to create new context; that is, the transformation of reality. 

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Calibrated Lens: A Focus on South Side Narrative

March 4-March 29, 2019: Calibrated Lens portrays the multi-dimensional built environment that has evolved over decades on Chicago’s South Side, and acts of resilience and relaxation cultivated by residents in these spaces, through home movies, photographs, and constructed objects.

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Golden Stature

Jan. 23-Feb. 22, 2019: The Golden Stature project re-explores the historical value of the golden statue "The Republic" of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, and reclaims its glory for Woodlawn's current community, revisioning a framework for growth into the future. 

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7 Degrees

Dec. 1-Dec. 21, 2018: From the Fall 2018 class of Designed Objects 4: "The title of our exhibition 7 Degrees is a play on six degrees of seperation, the idea that every person is linked to every other person on the planet by six or less connections."

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Infinite Games: An Extended Invitation

Oct. 22-Nov. 28, 2018: John Preus' 2017 show Infinite Games 50/50, which featured the works of 50 artists, designers, and architects, has been reimagined as an extended invitation for new participants. Twenty-seven participating artists have produced a rich assortment of objects, installations, instruments, and functional prototypes. 

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Realizing Chambord

Sep. 24-Oct. 28, 2018: Realizing Chambord was created for the 500th anniversary of the beginning of construction for the Chateau de Chambord in 1519. Students from around the world have been asked to imagine the future of Chambord while considering the overarching concept of utopia that is deeply embedded in the chatequ's creation and history. 

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A Brief Anthology of Faculty Sketchbooks

Aug. 27-Sep. 14, 2018: Sketchbooks have been our personal receptor for cataloging ideas, notable moments, and projects. We fill them with writing, drawings, inspirations, receipts, and errands; they grow into a mental map that we keep close to our chest. It is a format that is accessible, one that we trust, and that we always return to. 

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