Contemporary Art in New York City: Connecting the Dots

May 20 – June 2, 2018
United States

New York City

Despite rumors to the contrary, New York remains the center of the contemporary art world, the place where a staggering quantity of art is produced, exhibited, purchased, interpreted, and evaluated. One way to make sense of the city’s complexity and energy is to trace the dynamic pathways through which art travels: the connections between artists, dealers, institutions, and critical voices. During two intensely busy weeks in June, this seminar will investigate the full range of contemporary art production in the city, making full use of all available resources in the city and its extended area. The class will visit a vast number of artists' studios, non-profit spaces, artist collectives and think-tanks, commercial galleries, and notable museums.  Team-taught by sculptor Lan Tuazon and critic/art historian Daniel Quiles, both of whom have lived and worked in New York, the class will benefit from numerous “behind-the-scenes” opportunities with artists, collectors, curators, and dealers. Students will be expected to create a new work that is informed by the experience and influence of being in New York or complete a significant writing and research project that explores the city’s contemporary art scene in direct relationship to their own interests. Our main questions will include: how do these different nodes in the contemporary art world function independently—what are their objectives, and how are they being met—and how, in the end, are they all connected?

Credits: 3 credits STUDIO and / or 3 credits ARTHI (4000-level)

Instructors: Daniel Quiles, Art History, Theory & Criticism Lan Tuazon, Sculpture

Program fee: Approx. $1,140 (including admissions, ground transport, some group meals; not including airfare and not including housing). Program fee including group housing (at the POD 51 Hotel: 2 students per bunk bedded room, shared bathroom in the corridor) : Approx. $2,110.

Accommodation: Students are not required to stay in group accommodation in New York for this class and may find their own accommodation provided they can meet the faculty at the scheduled departure point each morning.  Group accommodation option at the POD 51 Hotel.

PLUS Tuition cost per credit: Undergraduate—$1,552 per credit hour Graduate—$1,625 per credit hour.

Online registration begins: March 14, 2018

Deposit due at registration: $525

Information sessions: Wednesday, January 31,  4:15 p.m. MacLean Centre, MC 111

Tuesday, February 6, 4:15 p.m. MacLean Centre, MC 111

From last trip’s course evaluations:

  • This was a great class. Extremely well organized and well curated. It never skipped a beat and there was never dull moment. The class was jammed packed with great readings, discussions, and trips to studios, museums and galleries. I learned a wealth of knowledge and had a great time doing it! Daniel and Lan were a power duo. They were both very generous with their knowledge and resources. Their dynamic was great, constantly switching roles of good cop, bad cop (but both were actually just good cop). Together they activated the class into a spirited group of students excited about knowledge and art. Everything that either Lan or Daniel said was pure gold. Overall,  I experienced NYC in new ways and was exposed to so many artists and places I would love to return to and that will inform me from now on. Extremely provoking and memorable.
  • fairly challenging very rewarding, truly the best class I’ve taken at SAIC.
  • Morning discussions with Lan and Daniel were always well prepared, informed and relevant to discussions in the art world now.
  • Lan and Dan are both very passionate, attentive people. They were eager to have educational conversations one-on-one during class hours as well as after, they are very available for discussing ideas and their positions in this New York art world.
  • Daniel is a very well-versed, cultivated and open-minded professor and individual. He fosters an inclusive environment and he is extremely respectful with every student. He is a demanding instructor, but his flexibility and constant support make it very rewarding and turn his expectations on the students into healthy challenges. He made this trip incredibly interesting and richer.
  • Lan is a very active, energetic and smart professor. She fosters a respectful, warm and very dynamic environment. She is demanding, but supportive as well. She is also available anytime and has a broad understanding of the students need, both personal and intellectual. Lan made a very enjoyable and vibrant experience out of this trip.
  • Do the readings - they're good ones! Take lots of notes, lots of photos, ask lots of questions.
  • I do highly recommend this course with Daniel Quiles and Lan Tuazon! They are true New York City connoisseurs, and because of this, their organization skills and warmth, we had a very interesting, diverse and splendid agenda! Wonderful, deeply enriching course. Unforgettable trip!!