Submit Your ID Picture

ARTICard and U-Pass Express Registration

You can avoid long lines during the first week of school and have an ID photo you like by electronically submitting you ARTICard and CTA U-Pass photo before arriving on campus.

Submit your photo TODAY! Click here to access the MyPhoto application.

MyPhoto is an online photo submission application that is designed to make it quick and easy to upload your ARTICard photo.  We use an easy self-edit process so you can be sure to get your best ID picture on the ARTICard in advance of your arrival on campus

Prior to submitting a photo, be sure to read the instructions and photo guidelines carefully.  Photos that do not meet the specified criteria may be rejected, and you will have to submit another photo.  Upon approval of your submitted photo (and 1-2 business days for processing), you will be able to pick up your shiny new ARTICard!