Student Affinity Groups

Approximately one-third of all the student groups are affinity- or identity-based. Student affinity groups are formed around a shared interest, ideology, identity, experience, or common goal. These student-led groups are open to all members of the community, and provide opportunities to form meaningful connections. Within each group, is a place to find belonging around shared experiences, ideas, and identities; as well as an opportunity to learn perspectives that may be different from your own. 

Group will often host recurring meetings, aor organize events such as festivals, symposia, panels, artist talks, and workshops. The active groups are listed below. If you're interested in getting involved, but aren't sure where to begin, we're here to guide you through the process of finding community. Email us at and we'll get you connected.

Student Affinity Groups


  • Black Fashion Council is a collective that is open to the black fashion student body and provides a space where their Black fashion students and artists' voices can be heard and their ideas recognized

  • BLK@SAIC is a student-led space which creates support and community around the African Diaspora

  • Casting Student Group provides an open casting space that creates inclusive environments for LGBTQIA+ artists, specifically in traditionally male-dominated metal shop culture

  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)'s goal is to serve Chinese students, build community, and facilitates cultural events 

  • Hapa, Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islanders (HAAAPI) forms spaces for dialogue and visibility around the intersectional experiences of Hapa, Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander students at SAIC.  

  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IV) creates an atmosphere of community, respect, and genuine kindness rooted in the principles of faith and spirituality

  • Korean Graduate Student Community (KGSC) is a platform of support, networking and cultural exchange for Korean graduate students

  • Korean Student Association (KSA) promotes Korean culture and tradition by coordinating events and publishing an annual magazine to create meaningful bonding experiences among Korean students

  • SAIC UNIDXS is created for and by Latinx folx to come together, hold discussions, and celebrate our Latinidad

  • The League of Extraordinary Genders centers the experiences of Queer, Trans, Gender Non-conforming folx in and around SAIC. The League of Extraordinary Genders raises awareness and advocates for the needs of the Queer, Trans, and GNC communities.

  • Namaste SAIC is a social cultural exchange and community for the South Asian community  to interact and share culture among SAIC

  • National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) campaigns diversity within the design professions

  • Native American and Indigenous Student Association (NAISA) holds Zoom meetings, workshops, guest lectures, and readings that engage in the art and politics of Indigenous people

  • Queerspace LGBTQIA+ Faith Community is a safe space for Queer identifying, questioning, and allies to discuss Christian faith in relation with Queer identities

  • SAIC Hillel is a platform for Jewish Life and invites the community to learn more about Jewish culture and heritage through holiday celebrations, discussions, and exhibitions

  • South East Asian Community is a safe and respectful place for artists and individuals to exchange multicultural experiences, histories, relations, and cultivate the narrative of the south east asian influence in the modern art world. 

  • Student Advocacy Alliance for Health and Disability aims to reduce stigma and discrimination, provides tips on self-advocacy, shares strategies for self-care, and brainstorms creative solutions to enact policy-change

If there is a student group that you would like to see that does not currently exist, please reach out to the Director of Student Affairs for Diversity and Inclusion at to learn more!​