Student Involvement


Multicultural student life

Multicultural Affairs encourages the exploration of diverse narratives, perspectives, and ideas through programs, education, and involvement in the community. Multicultural Affairs does this work by engaging with student community outside of the classroom space. Specifically, we work in collaboration with various departments and with students to cultivate an inclusive community where all its members are heard, valued, and respected.


Looking to get involved?

Multicultural Affairs serves as a resource for students looking for engagement, inclusion, and belonging. Two of the main ways to get involved in the multicultural community is through Student Affinity groups and Multicultural Affairs Affinity Communities (MAAC) meetings

In addition to the resources listed on this webpage, Chicago and its many neighborhoods is an excellent source for exploration and inspiration. Events are a good opportunity to delve into the rich cultural legacies of Chicago and we invite students to join us for events on- and off-campus. 

This interactive map of the city (from the Chicago Tourism Board) offers a good preview of the city, its history, and its many neighborhoods.