Heritage & History Awareness

About national heritage and history observances


National heritage and history observances are designed to broaden our collective understanding of diverse cultural heritages and recognize their invaluable contributions that have and will continue to shape society today. Instituted by the United States government, national observances bring awareness to the histories, contributions, experiences, and legacies of all who identify with these heritages. At SAIC, heritage and history month observances are recognized through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Wide rectangular banner reads "LGBTQIA+" in international LGBTQ+ translucent colors. 'History Month' is on the right in capital black sans serif font

Wide navy rectangle reads "LATINX" in light peach serif font. In the center, the word "Heritage" is in a gold sans serif font. The right side is filled with peach, gold, emerald, teal, and orange papel picado squares

A wide and short box with a gold background reads "Native American and Indigenous Peoples Heritage month." Topographical teal dotted and solid lines fill the background.

Rectangular banner colored with red yellow and green with black diamond checker pattern overlay. In the center of the banner is the title "Black Heritage" with the word "month" underneath in a yellow sans serif font.

A wide rectangular banner reads "Women's History Month" in bold white capital sans serif font. Asymetrical curvy shapes in orange, navy, green, maroon, gold, and pink fill the background.

A wide dark purple rectangular banner says "Asian, Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month." A blue, red, and yellow swoosh curves from bottom middle up to the right corner.





John M Flaxman Heritage Month Pop-up Library

John M Flaxman Library hosts a number of pop up events throughout the year in which we bring the library to you! Pop up libraries are both virtual and in-person, are usually focused on a specific theme, and are meant to encourage students to explore our collections. All in-person pop up events allow you to check out books right from the table, so be sure to bring your ID!

This guide is meant to capture the items we collect for each event, just in case you missed them. Have an idea for a pop up library? Email us! We love to collaborate with student groups and others from our community. Click here to access all of the virtual pop-up libraries, and stop by the Flaxman library to browse and borrow from a rotating in-person book display.

Multicultural Affairs Learn and Unlearn Resource Guide

Multicultural Affairs created the Learn and Unlearn Series and Resource Guide to support the ongoing process of self-awareness, understanding, and dismantling of racialized oppression. The Learn and Unlearn Resource Guide features a number of topic-based lessons and a sample of videos, a reading list, and a collection of links. Click here to view the guide, browse and select any topic to learn more about. 


Fall 2021:
September 15 - October 15 - Latinx/e/a/o Heritage month
October - LGBTQIA+ History month
October 10 - Indigenous Peoples’ Day
November - Native American Heritage month

Winter 2021-2022:
January 17 - Dr. MLK Jr. Day of Service

Spring 2022:
February - Black Heritage month
March - Women’s History month
March 31 - Trans Day of Visibility
April - May - Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islands Heritage month
May 5 - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness

Summer 2022:
May - Jewish American Heritage month
June - Pride month
June 19 - Juneteenth

Note: This calendar is not exhaustive and may be altered. If you are aware of any events that are happening on-campus, or have an idea for heritage month events, please email: kvaler@saic.edu.

The committee recognizes there are currently more than 112 national observances. From an equity-minded standpoint, the committee has defined the above calendar for the 2021-22 academic year to amplify members of underrepresented communities that identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, and person of color. This does not preclude other important dates from being recognized. Rather, the schedule listed above outlines specific months for which there are associated programs and is determined based on available resources.

Logo displays a solid black circle. Atop the circle is the group name "Heritage Awareness Programs & Initiatives"

The Heritage Awareness Programming Initiatives (HAPI) committee is composed of representatives from a number of departments across the school who endeavor to honor and raise awareness of the rich diversity and the myriad of intersectional identities represented at our school. The HAPI committee organizes programs, outreach, and learning opportunities for holistic heritage awareness with special emphasis on those that elevate Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color.

The HAPI committee is composed of several members who represent a number of departments and oversee the planning of heritage and history observances. The 2021-22 standing committee includes:

  • Alberto Ponce, Academic Advisor
  • Alex O'Keefe, Research and Instruction Librarian
  • Cheeyon Cha, Director of Student Affairs for Korean and Chinese Advising
  • Danny Boucher, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Special Programs
  • Emily Crum, Program Coordinato, CAPX
  • Katrina Valera, Director of Student Affairs for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Laura Bustamante (Gomez), Graduate Assistant for Multicultural Affairs
  • Laura Lamb, Director of Campus Life
  • Rosalie Shemmer, Dean of Career & Professional Experience

The committee meets regularly and connects with student groups, committees, and any student, faculty, or staff member who are interested in being involved.