Spirituality/Faith-Based Resources

We are committed to embracing our diverse community, and we provide support to the whole student, their identities, and their religious and spiritual practices. There are several ways for our students to engage in religious and spiritual practice while at SAIC.

Space for Prayer and Meditation

SAIC has a dedicated space on-campus to accommodate the spiritual practices of our community. The Mediation Room is located in the MacLean Center at 112 South Michigan Avenue, room B-1-04.

The interfaith space is intended for all members of the SAIC community to use for quiet reflection, meditation, or prayer. Campus Life welcomes all to use the room for this purpose.

Those who need a space for prayer and meditation can also request to use the Movement Room. The Movement Room is located on the 13th floor of the MacLean Center, 112 South Michigan Avenue. If you'd like to reserve this space, please contact Multicultural Affairs at multicultural_affairs@saic.edu.

There is no reservation system for the room and members of the SAIC community may use the space at-will, while being respectful of each other and everyone using the space. If you have any questions about the space, please feel free to contact Multicultural Affairs at multicultural_affairs@saic.edu or 312.629.6880.

Student Involvement

If you'd like to get involved with faith-based or spirituality-based communities, there are student groups that provide opportunities to connect. All groups are open to any community member, and all are invited to attend!

SAIC Hillel—Organizes an annual Holocaust Awareness Week, Shabbat dinners, and other events throughout the year.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship—Organizes prayer groups, conversations, tea times chats, and other events throughout the year.

Other Resources

Additionally, Chicago is home to many resources that students can access. Our office is available to assist students in finding, locating, and connecting with resources both within and outside of our SAIC community.

You can reach Multicultural Affairs at multicultural_affairs@saic.edu.