Moving Out


What does a resident have to do to officially move-out?

The move out process is fairly simple.  Follow these simple steps to have a smooth and successful move out.

  1. Contact Residence Life. Contact a Residence Life Staff Member about your intent to move out. This can be your RA, the Residence Hall Director, or emailing
  2. Housing Withdrawal Form. Complete this form (found in the Housing Portal) to provide information on the final day you will be on campus. **This form is only for students moving out/moving off campus. It is not for students moving into a new room on campus.**
  3. Pack Up Belongings. Pack up all of your belongings in your space. Collegeboxes is a great resource for you if you have many boxes needing to be transported to a new address or stored for a later time.
  4. Clean.  Residents are responsible for cleaning their entire room, including kitchen and bathroom.  Residents are responsible for returning the room to its proper state it was in when they first arrived.  Brooms, dustpans, and other cleaning supplies will be available at the hall desk for resident use.  Residence Life anticipates normal wear and tear on a room during the year; however, any excessive damage or cleaning needs will incur additional charges.   If you are concerned about damage to the room, or cleaning arrangements with your roommate(s), please contact Residence Life at
  5. Remove items from the room.  All items must be removed from the room.  (Don't forget the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets!)  To assist in the move-out process, residents will be allowed to check out carts from the office.  As move-out is very busy time, we will ask that residents only check out a cart once they are ready to move belongings. 
  6. Check Mailbox. Check your mailbox for any items still in the mailbox, and pick up any potential packages at the office.
  7. *Buckingham Only* - Check Out Envelope. Buckingham residents must complete a check out envelope at the security desk to return key card, room key, and mailbox key. Residents will be charged if any keys are missing
  8. Move Out QR Code.  Scan the QR Code posted outside the office (4th floor office - 162, 3rd floor office - Jones, Security desk - Buckingham) and complete the form. Do this step once fully out of your space. A confirmation email will be sent once you have submitted the form.

Can students store their belongings?

SAIC does not offer storage space to students. SAIC students can make arrangements with Collegeboxes, Inc., a company specializing in storing student belongings.  This company has worked with SAIC for more than seven years, and serves more than 50 schools nationwide.

To make arrangements, go to, register, and notify them of your storage needs.  They will not only pick up your items at move-out, they will deliver your things during move-in next academic year, on or off campus!  Students will need to contract with Collegeboxes on an individual basis.  Head to for more information.

What should I do if I have additional questions or concerns about the move-out process or timeline?

All students parents and family members who would like additional information about the move out process should contact Residence Life via email at