Moving Out

When is move-out for Spring 2021?

All students, except for graduating seniors, must move out of the residence halls by Sunday, May 16th, 2021 by 5:00pm.  Graduating seniors must move out of the residence halls by Wednesday, May 19th, 2021.

SAIC Move-Out Dates are:

  • Thursday, May 13th
  • Friday, May 14th
  • Saturday, May 15th
  • Sunday, May 16th

Students may move out of the residence halls on any day.  These move out days will have staff to support the move out process, parking permits, and other resources to help facilitate the process.

What does a resident have to do to officially move-out?

The move out process is fairly simple.  Follow these simple steps to have a smooth and successful move out.

  1. Notify Residence Life of the move out plan.  In early/mid April, Residence Life will email all on campus residents with details about how to notify Residence Life of their move out plan.  Every on campus student will need to complete the form including information about the date and time they will move out and if they are requesting in person assistance.
  2. Attend the final floor meeting.  On April 25th, Resident Advisors will host virtual floor meetings to discuss the details of move out.  Times will be posted on the residence hall bulletin boards.
  3. Pack.  After a year of school, residence will most likely be leaving with more than they arrived with.  This increase can make estimating packing needs difficult.  For this reason, boxes will be available for purchase, wholesale value, at the residence hall desk (162 N State Street - 4 floor office and Jones Hall - 3rd floor office) beginning mid-April.  Boxes may only be purchased with students' ARTICard.  Cash, checks and other credit cards will not be accepted.
  4. Clean.  Residents are responsible for cleaning their entire room, including kitchen and bathroom.  Residents are responsible for returning the room to its proper state it was in when they first arrived.  Brooms, dustpans, and other cleaning supplies will be available at the hall desk for resident use.  Residence Life anticipates normal wear and tear on a room during the year; however, any excessive damage or cleaning needs will incur additional charges.  A price list of cleaning/damage charges will be posted on each floor by the elevators.  If you are concerned about damage to the room, or cleaning arrangements with your roommate(s), please speak to your RA before check-out.
  5. Remove items from the room.  All items must be removed from the room.  (Don't forget the refrigerator and the kitchen cabinets!)  To assist in the move-out process, residents will be allowed to check out laundry carts.  As move-out is very busy time, we will ask that residents only check out a cart once they are ready to move belongings.  Also, the time allowed for a cart check-out will be limited to 2 hours.
  6. Check out with Residence Life!  More specific details about where to turn in keys (Buckingham) and how to notify Residence Life that a student has completed their move out will be updated soon.  

Does Residence Life provide boxes?  Where can they be obtained?

Beginning in April, students may purchase boxes at wholesale value from the Jones Hall and 162 North State Street Residences office during normal business hours.  Students may only use their ARTICard to purchase these boxes.  Cash and checks will not be accepted.

What services will be offered to help students move their belongings out of the building?

Because students all move out at different times and in different ways, move-out is much more logistically challenging than move-in.  To assist in the move-out process, students will be allowed to check out carts.  Students must only check out a cart once they are ready to move belongings.  For this reason, the time allowed for cart check-out will be two hours beginning in early May.  

Can students store their belongings?

SAIC does not offer storage to students unless they are contracted to live in the residence halls during the summer term.  However, SAIC students can make arrangements with Collegeboxes, Inc., a company specializing in storing student belongings.  This company has worked with SAIC for more than seven years, and serves more than 50 schools nationwide.

To make arrangements, go to, register, and notify them of your storage needs.  They will not only pick up your items at move-out, they will deliver your things during move-in next academic year, on or off campus!  Students will need to contract with Collegeboxes on an individual basis.  Head to for more information.

Is there a 'best time' to move out?

It has been our experience that moving out before 11am is the least crowded time.  This is especially true at the 162 North State Street Residences.

Where are the loading zones?  Will parking be available?

We will have secured permits outside of all three residence halls for active loading zones.  When students are packed and ready to load, they may bring vehicles into this space.  

  • Jones Hall:  Madison Street between State Street & Madison Street
  • 162 N State Street Residences: Couch Place (alley just north of the building)
  • Buckingham: Parking spots behind the building*
    • *Students may also park on the street near the Buckingham or nearby parking lots; however, students should follow posted signs about availablity and price.

Parking:  There are many parking options in the Loop, but the Theater District parking garage located on Dearborn Street between Randolph Street and Lake Street is convenitently located just around the block from 162 North State Street and just two-and-a-half blocks from Jones Hall.  SAIC has partnership with this parking garage and is able to offer you a discounted parking ($18 instead of $36) ticket for Move Out weekend.  Buckingham residents are encouraged to park at 434 S Wabash, Chicago, IL 60605 which is $14 for up to 12 hours of parking.

What should I do if I have additional questions or concerns about the move-out process or timeline?

All students parents and family members who would like additional information about the move out process should contact Residence Life via email at

More detailed information about moving out of the residence halls will be available soon!