Housing Renewal

Living in the residence halls offers many advantages ranging from its close proximity to campus, to its strong community of artists, designers, & scholars, to awesome facilities that a include 24hr studio space and gallery space!  

What is Housing Renewal?

Housing Renewal is a virtual event held on March 26, 2023!

During Housing Renewal, you are able to select the exact residence hall, roommates, and room and bed type for the upcoming academic year.  With a completed housing application, you will receive instructions and your lottery number on when and how to attend the Housing Renewal.  The Residence Life team will walk you through the steps to ensure you feel good about living on campus next year!

How are lottery numbers assigned?

The Housing Renewal lottery is a weighted lottery. Lottery numbers are randomly assigned based on the amount of time students have lived on campus. Students who have lived on campus the longest will have the “best” lottery numbers.

What if I cannot make it to the Virtual Housing Renewal Fair? How do I pick my room?

If you cannot make it to Virtual Housing Renewal, you will receive information via your SAIC email account with information on how to sign up to select your housing.  

I want a single room. Can I be guaranteed a single room?

Single rooms are not guaranteed. Students will select the specific room they want in order of the lottery numbers. When all the single rooms are taken, a waiting list will begin. Over the summer, single rooms often become available. Residence Life will offer available single rooms to students in order of the waiting list. Many of the students who add their names to the single room waiting list at the Housing Renewal Fair will have a single room before the academic year begins. We also encourage you to check out private rooms at The Buckingham, as this option is a cost-effective way to get a private space and still enjoy the company of roommates.

I want to live in the Buckingham. Will space be available?

Although only a limited number of spaces will be available at The Buckingham for Housing Renewal, we expect to be able to offer more spaces over the summer. You can sign up for The Buckingham waiting list at the Housing Renewal Fair and Residence Life will contact you via phone call and e-mail to offer available spaces as they open.

I know who I want to be my roommate. How do we sign up for a room together?

If you know who you want to be your roommate, please arrive at the Virtual Housing Renewal Fair together. You should arrive at the fair with whichever roommate has the better lottery number. You will go through the fair together. This also applies to any group intending to live together in an apartment in The Buckingham.

What if my desired roommate is an incoming student?

If your desired roommate is an incoming student, please contact Residence Life at reslife@saic.edu.

I’m not signing up for a single room, but I don’t have roommate(s) in mind. Is that okay?

If you do not have a plan for a roommate(s), we will assign you a roommate. Your assigned roommate may be a new or returning student.

To assist in finding you the perfect roommate, join us at the Virtual Roommate Finder Fair on March 28th at 6pm.

I don’t want the meal plan. Can I be waived out of the meal plan?

All students who live in the residences halls are required to have a meal plan.