Social Media Links

Adding Linked Social Media Icons

1. Log-in to Drupal and open the department page where you would like social media icons to appear (i.e. Photography).

2. Right click on Panelizer at the top of the page to open a new window.

3. Click on Content

4. If there is already a ‘Follow Photography’ (or similar) field in the Center, click the gear for that field and then click Edit.

5. Copy and paste appropriate social media links into the Social Media URL fields. Click Add Another Item, if necessary.

6. To re-order the links, change the number fields in the Order column.

7. Click Finish

8. Click Save


If the "Follow Photography" (or similar) field is not already in Panelizer, you can add one.

1. In Panelizer, click the gear to the left of the word ‘Center,’ then click Add Content.


2. Click on Fielded panes, then click on Social Media Links.


3. Type in a Title (i.e. ‘Follow Photography’).

4. Add social media links as described above.

5. Click Finish

6. Click Save

7. In Panelizer, move the ‘Follow’ field into desired position on the page.

8. Use the gear in the ‘Follow’ field and click on CSS Properties

9. Type in CSS Class:

10. Click Save

How social media icons will look once embedded:

Social Media Buttons