Design Options

Image Sizes

Teaser size

Uses: Mini-Profiles and Tile Images (and by deafult, view pages)

  • To wrap text around an image, use 'Left' alignment
  • To have text appear below the image, set alignment to 'None'
  • Images should measure 450 x 450 pixels (72 dpi)


Default size

Uses: Events and News Items


Original size

Uses: To span body content

Visit Uploading Media for more information.

View Page Options

View pages pull in content from mini profiles, events or news pages. Let EC know how you would like your information to load by selecting one of the views listed below.

Note: Content will not populate on your view page if you have not already created an event or news item with the appropriate Group Setting, or mini profile with the appropriate Primary Department, selected.

People: List View

Example of List View


People: Grid View

Example of Grid View


Events and News: List

Events Page Option A-List


Events and News: List with Images

Events List with Images


Events and News: Grid

Events Grid