Fashion Service Center tools and materials

The Fashion Service Center (FSC) has a wide range of tools that can be checked out by students enrolled in Fashion Design courses. You can contact FSC staff at or visit them in person on the seventh floor of Sullivan, room 713, near the student lounge.

List of stock available for use by students at the FSC

Video Tutorials

8700 Juki Threading Guide:
Brother 755 Machine Authorization:
Alvanon Dress Form Demonstration:

Equipment and facilities in the Department of Fashion Design include:

  • Classroom studio spaces equipped with large tables and smart room equipment
  • Wolf and Alvaform dress forms in a variety of sizes and body shapes
  • Industrial sewing machines labs with straight stitch, overlock and coverstitch machines
  • Industrial gravity-feed irons
  • Specialty sewing machine lab with blindhem, buttonhole, binder foot, and zigzag- machines
  • Fashion Service Center: On-site facilities support, as well as check-out access to half-scale dress-forms, portable sewing machines, knitting machines, grommet presses, machines attachments, small heat press.
  • Knitting lab with regular, bulky, and rib knitting machines
  • Kniterate digital knitting machine
  • Fully equipped footwear lab with belt-sanders, skiving machines, drying rack, rolling-foot and high-post industrial sewing machines, and lasting equipment.
  • Fur machines
  • Dye facility
  • Computer lab and remote access to Gerber digital pattern making and 3D modeling software
  • Plotter for computerized patternmaking
  • Exhibition display space
  • Illustration class room equipped with iPads for digital illustration
  • Graduate space with crit space and individual graduate studio bays
  • Printers and copiers