World on Fire: 1968/Now

Friday, March 29
Sharp Building
6th Floor Exhibition Cases
United States
World On Fire Exhibition Poster 2019

March 1st, 2019 - March 29th, 2019

World on Fire: 1968/Now examines the events of upheaval, resistance, and revolution that played out across the globe that year through the lens of art, design, and politics. Marking a half-century from 1968, this class seeks to understand the conditions and aesthetics of that moment and to make connections with our contemporary realities.

The events and happenings of 1968 led not only to broader political unrest, but the unique intersection of student-led insurrections and artist-led movements. Taking a constellatory approach drawing from these moments as well as popular culture at large, this exhibition incorporates objects and ephemera representative of the time period. World on Fire: 1968/Now is an exhibition collaboratively curated by the graduate student section of the class. The exhibition will be on view March 1-29, 2019 at the Flaxman Library, 6th floor Sharp.