Visiting Artist Lecture: Rachel Meginnes

"My lecture will cover my path as an artist as well as the many questions and challenges I have encountered along the way."
Wednesday, October 23, 4:15 p.m.
280 S Columbus Dr room 203
United States

Trained as a weaver, Rachel Meginnes’ artwork is rooted in the history and structure of textiles. Her current works, using discarded vintage quilts, center on the themes of loss, love, labor, and repair. Although no longer working directly at the loom, Meginnes identifies a persistent need to work closely with her materials by removing, mending, and adapting each original piece by hand. Through this process, Meginnes shifts her material’s narrative from one set in the past to one responding to the present and questioning the future. By simultaneously paying tribute to her source material and displaying her own intuitive impulses, Meginnes breathes new life into post-functional heirlooms.