Visiting Artist Lecture Joshua G. Stein

"Reciprocal Landscapes"
Tuesday, October 08, 4:15 p.m.
280 S Columbus dr. Room 127
Chicago, IL
United States
Joshua G. Stein is the SAIC Mitchell Visiting Professor and founder of Radical Craft, a Los Angeles-based studio that advances an experimental art and design practice saturated in history, archaeology and craft. This inquiry inflects the production of urban spaces and artifacts by evolving newly grounded approaches to the challenges posed by virtuality, velocity, and globalization.  He is Professor of Architecture at Woodbury University where he also directs the Institute of Material Ecologies (T-IME).
Joshua will discuss the relationship between craft, form-making, and landscape--from historical notions of landscape to contemporary landscapes of resource extraction and urban inequity.
Image of the artist's work
(450RIlores-15) Joshua G. Stein, "Isochronic Monoliths," 2019, image: Nando Alvarez