Visiting Artist Lecture: Amy Sadao

Tuesday, December 10, 4:15 p.m.
280 S. Columbus Drive, Room 203
United States

A discussion about the evolving roles and responsibilities of museums; the nature of enacting politics internally and externally; and developing an artist-centered ethos through the lens of Sadao's experience at Visual AIDS and ICA. A look at current expectations, and frustrations, of contemporary art museums and arts organizations.

Amy Sadao was the Daniel W. Dietrich Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, UPENN/Philadelphia from 2012-2019 and the Executive Director of Visual AIDS from 2002-2012. She is currently the Program Director of Denniston Hill and at work on a book about the evolving roles and responsibilities of art museums. She trained as an artist (Cooper Union) and a race theorist (UC Berkeley) and currently lives in Philadelphia.