(At Least) Three Ways of Seeing Anxiety in China

Wednesday, September 08, 4:30 p.m.5:30 p.m.

Art History Jennifer Dorothy Lee Event Poster

Tenure Review Presentation: Jennifer Dorothy Lee
(At Least)Three Ways of Seeing Anxiety in China

Excessive, persistent worry. Unease. Disquiet. Torment. A brain disorder. An ordinary emotion. This talk will address the competing connotations and nomenclatures of anxiety in China, as well as the implications of this multifold concept for creative practices past and present. How does anxiety inscribe art forms generated by revolutionary transformations? How does anxiety socialize art?

Jennifer Dorothy Lee approaches art history through interdisciplinary training in comparative literature and area studies of Asia. Lee's firt book manuscript, Anxiety and Aesthetics, explores the residues of Maoism and the socialist aesthetic in China's revolutionary aftermath.

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