Taking a Page from Punk: Zines and Artists’ Books

Flaxman Library Exhibition Cases, 6th Floor Sharp Building
Tuesday, September 01Tuesday, October 13
Image with two zines (one with a hand holding cards and the text "Queer Magic" and one with a rabbit in a magician outfit) and title text overlaid that reads "Taking a Page from Punk - Zines and Artists' Books"

 This collection of zines and printed materials was produced between 2018-2020 by students in the PROFPRAC 3900: Punk/DIY Methods in Production course taught by Thomas Comerford. The course explores the histories and legacies of punk and alternative cultures via DIY (‘do-it-yourself’) methods across an array of mass media, zines and DIY spaces for art and media. Students produce and exhibit zines and other works across a variety of media in off-campus and/or online spaces as a final project for the class. (The artists are listed based on how the work is shown in the case.)
Dah Ming
Zi-Jing Wu
Ciel Wang
Peter McDaniel
Dana Langston
Lulu Rodgers
Duncan Chetrafilov
Stephen Cork
Charles Traut
Sidney Zhao
Andy Lattimer
Adam Winchell
Group Exhibit Program 2019
Paloma Mercier
Brian Blasman
Bridget Bilbo
Harvey Hayes
Group Exhibit Program 2018

Special thanks to Alex O’Keefe, April Sheridan and the John M. Flaxman Library.