For Students: Library Resources for Remote Learning

Last updated:
Thursday, July 30



What should I do with my library materials?

Overdue/lost status notices and blocks from March 16 forward are suspended for all materials borrowed through I-Share or Flaxman Library. For Worldshare Interlibrary Loan items (anything borrowed outside of I-Share), please email for more information or with any other concerns. Because of this, if you are returning in the fall you do not need to return your materials at this time.

Students Leaving & Not Returning in the Fall:
If you are not returning in fall or you are leaving Chicago, please email and fill out this form to schedule your return. Library staff are working with IRFM to get library materials returned while the library is closed.

Returning students should keep their materials until the campus reopens. 
We will update this section with further information as it becomes available.

What is the updated library search?

Starting on 6/24, the search box on the library homepage will look the same, but it will connect to the updated library search. From there, you can search almost everything in the library’s collection of physical and digital resources. You’ll notice visual differences, but the search will also connect to more resources than ever before! Check out our Updated Library Search Guide to learn about the new features and get advice on using it. If you encounter any issues using the updated library search, please email

How do I find resources I can access at home? (eBooks, articles, videos, etc.)

We have a handy guide for just that! Explore our Remote Learning with Online Library Resources research guide for detailed instructions on how to search for and access electronic materials through the library. It includes help with:

I’m having trouble accessing something I found through the library. What should I do?

The easiest way to get help is to contact us via email at Library staff are continually checking this email account and will be able to assist you.

I need help with my research. What can I do remotely?

We are happy to help with your research remotely! To set up a time to “meet” with a librarian, please fill out this form and a librarian will get back to you ASAP. We can conduct consultations synchronously over Zoom or Google Meet, or asynchronously over email if needed.

I found something that’s in print that I think I need for my research. What can I do to access it?

Please email with specific information as to what you need scanned to find out what we are able to facilitate.

How do I learn more about remote learning and making at home?

There is a guide for Remote Learning + Making, featuring how-to pages for using common technology (Canvas and Zoom), making art, researching, and writing at home. If a question isn’t answered on the guide, there is also a directory for getting remote help.