Sound Department Colloquium Series: Paige Naylor and Seamus Carey

Wednesday, October 30, 4:15 p.m.5:45 p.m.
MacLean Center 522
United States
On the left is Paige Naylor manipulating sound equipment, on the right is Seamus Carey bent into a metal garbage can hooked to sound equipment.
The Sound Department Colloquium Series is a weekly series of presentations by the department's visiting artists and scholars, faculty, graduate students and invited guests. The lecture on October 30 will feature current Sound Department MFA students Paige Naylor and Seamus Carey.
Paige Naylor is a sound and performance artist specializing in voice and electronics. Her work exists between the popular and experimental. She is currently incorporating live vocal processing, improvisation, and participatory performance in song, movement scores, and ritual. She holds a certificate in Deep Listening and is composer-performer & co-producer of the experimental pop opera The Near Misses.
Seamus Carey is an artist working primarily with sound. Through experimentation with varying methods of sound generation, his work explores aural, visual, and tangible manifestations of acoustic phenomena. He is currently interested in reframing mundane sounds, objects, and systems in order to reconsider how they are observed in everyday life.
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