Sound Department Colloquium Series: Jonas Sun & PRONZY

Wednesday, April 14, 4:30 p.m.6:00 p.m.

Please join us over Zoom. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Seamus Carey at or Lou Mallozzi at

The Sound Department Colloquium Series is a series of presentations by the department's visiting artists and scholars, faculty, graduate students and invited guests. The presentation on April 14 will feature current Sound Department MFA students Jonas Sun & PRONZY


Born and raised in Beijing, China, Jonas Sun is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker who explores mundane activities whereby he reveals nuances of personality, especially of those who share multiple shifting and overlapping identities. His works incorporate video, performance, foley design, soundscape composition, bodily installations, and more. He strives to provoke conversations around neglected experiences by inviting the audience to participate in his subjective and sensory exploration of themes such as selfhood, memory, leisure, etc., while prompting awareness of the social influences that shape those values. At the end of the day, Jonas believes that living is an art form and everyone an artist, whose voice deserves to be respected and listened to, starting with themselves.


PRONZY is an Afro-Latinx interdisciplinary artist(s) whose work explores the Black experience in the United States of America. They frequently use a combination of mediums in order to activate as many of the audience’s senses as possible; some of these mediums include but are not limited to: drawing, painting, poetry, spoken word, performance, sound composition, archiving and turntablism. Utilizing these mediums in conjunction with one another, they explore subject matter along the lines of: generational trauma, genetic memory, intersectionality and healing. Currently they are working on projects revolving around Afrocentrism, displacement of the Black and Brown person in the US and how to achieve placement or manifest home there; as well as the healing practices that come with it. 

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