Sound Department Colloquium Series: Heather Frasch

Monday, April 29, 4:15 p.m.

MacLean Center, Room 522

112 S Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60603

 The Sound Department Colloquium Series is a weekly series of presentations by the department's visiting artists and scholars, faculty, graduate students and invited guests. The lecture on April 29th will feature with visiting artist Heather Frasch.


    Heather Frasch is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic concert music, performer/composer (flute, laptop/electronics & sonic objects), and creator of interactive sound installations and digital instruments. Through the creation of complex timbres, the usage of unstable notation systems, and electronics her work explores notions of fragility and stillness within an intermedia sonic arts practice. Influenced by the dis-embodiment of acousmatic music practices, she investigates the re-embodiment of sound and the intimacy between humans and their technological objects.

Frasch’s websites: