Sound Department Colloquium Series: Eric Capper and DJ Malinowski

Wednesday, October 23, 4:15 p.m.5:45 p.m.
MacLean Center Room 522
United States
Image consists of two photos side by side. On the left a grimacing face lit by pink neon light on the left side and green neon light on the right. The right picture is of a person in a jacket and grey beanie taking a selfie in a dirtied reflective surface
The Sound Department Colloquium Series is a weekly series of presentations by the department's visiting artists and scholars, faculty, graduate students and invited guests. The lecture on October 23 will feature current Sound Department MFA students Eric Capper and DJ Malinowski.
Eric Capper is a sound artist, woodworker, and musician. He spent the last few years running a woodshop and attending music conservatory in Brooklyn where he began making electronic music and designing sound. Lately he’s been exploring visual programming languages for music, sound with the moving image, and the materiality of sound through explorations in sound sculpture and acoustics. Eric is a first-year graduate student in the Sound department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
DJ Malinowski explores mediation and structures of control through sound sculpture, performance, algorithmic sound, and conceptual writing. His process and artistic language are informed at alternating times by formalism and anarchy. He hopes to raise awareness of and challenge ableism (especially hearing and sightedness), universalist aesthetics, and identity flattening through stereotypes.