Shifting the Center

Tuesday, August 29Saturday, October 14
William Wiebe, They compacted the earth to bear weight (the soil shifted)_Benghazi, 2017. Photo courtesy of the SAIC Media Bureau.

Shifting the Center showcased projects by current MFA and BFA students that consider individual experience and the everyday through the use of architecture and site. These artists intervene into spaces of confinement, reassembling familiar visual markers and, in doing so, question sites that often go unnoticed. Viewers are invited to reconsider overlooked spaces and their relationship to the bullet environment.

Featuring works by Ivana Brenner, Ashley Freeby, Ryan Goh, Hope Wang, Catherine Hu, Ayesha Singh, Falak Vasa, and William Wiebe

Curated by Graduate Assistants Lindsay Hutchens (MFA 2017, MA 2018) and Adia Sykes (MA 2018).