Sculpture Dialogues: Sohrab Mohebbi

Various Dimensions
Tuesday, March 26, 4:00 p.m.
280 S Columbus Room 127
United States

Sohrab Mohebbi is a Curator at Sculpture Center in Queens, New York. He has organized solo exhibitions with Banu Cennetoglu, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Tamara Henderson, John Knight, and Falke Pisano among others. In collaboration with Thomas Keenen he put on a group exhibition titled,“It is Obvious from the Map” (2017) that examined the role of maps and mapmaking in mass exoduses from conflict zones, and received the Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award for the group exhibition “Hotel Theory” (2015) which he co-curatored with Ruth Estévez. Mohebbi was a curatorial fellow at the Queens Museum in New York and a curatorial assistant at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. He is the recipient of 2012 Arts Writers Program for the blog, Presence Documents, which “address the effects of instant digital image-making on the contemporary perception of life.”


Sohrab Mohebbi will respond to graduate presentations by Meejung Soh and Bertholf.

Meejung Soh will discuss cyclical relationships among objects through materials such as ground stones. 

Andrew Bertholf will present some past work and discuss memory and the limitations, failures, and fragility of the human body in relation to current and upcoming work.