Sahand Heshmati Afshar

PTDW Grad Noontime Lecture Series
Thursday, February 27, 12:15 p.m.1:00 p.m.

280 S. Columbus Dr., Room 319

Toto, 810×1080 Pixels, Bit, 19 Nov 2019


Sahand Heshmati Afshar is Chicago-based interediciplinary artist from Tehran, Iran. Currently working on ideas of archaeology and terrorism. Within these themes, he explores histories of materials, recasting, and their banal performativity through counting, quotient, abstraction and exhaustion. He has graduated in Pure Mathematics with a Bachelor of Science degree from Shahid Beheshti University and Master of Fine Arts in Studio candidate from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. Member of the Association of Iranian Painters (AIP) since 2018. 

His solo performance and exhibitions are​ Please Take a Seat and Tell Me Your Name​, 6018NORTH, Chicago, Sahand Bijeh [Kalam] Zanjani​, Azat Art Gallery, Tehran, and Percussive Panes​, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran.

He has been part of Never Again This Time: composition for 6 lamps after Alex Forrest​, ​ by Arama Atamian, at​ Mana Contemporary, Chicago. Trisha and Homer​, by Cherrie Yu, Body + Camera 2019, Chicago Cultural Center and Links Hall, Chicago.